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10 Benefits Of Curd During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most wonderful stage of a women’s Life ,It’s a phase where a girl is transformed into a Women.
Sounds interesting but through this time women undergoes a lot of hardship both mentally and physically.
Nutrition through proper food is very important at this time.
So here are some benefits of curd which will help a expecting mother in various aspects:
1 . Curd Prevents Malnutrition in Pregnant Women.
2.Curd helps reduce body heat during pregnancy.
3.Curd Prevents heartburn during pregnancy.
4 .Curd helps to boost immunity in Pregnant Women
5.Curd helps to prevent pigmentation and dry skin during pregnancy
6.Curd helps to prevent anemia during pregnancy.
7.It helps in releasing stress and anxiety.
8.Curd can be used as natural skin care product to prevent skin damage
9.Curd helps to maintain blood pressure during pregnancy.
10.Curd act  as a supplement for women’s who have less Milk intake .